The training includes:

  • Video Lectures in your home or office, via the data network. (You can watch them whenever you have time.)
  • Material online
  • Electrical Safety Card
  • Exercise and the final exam.

SAFETY AT ELECTRICAL WORKS (SFS 6002), Internet program

Electrical Safety Criteria

Electrical safety at work, regulations and standards.

  • Electrical Safety Act (including amendments)
  • KTM decisions on electrical work (including changes)
  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Training and qualifications for electricians

SFS 6002 Safety at electrical works.

  • Definitions
  • Division of responsibility in organizations
  • Basic principles
  • The company's own guidelines
  • Operational measures and reviews
  • Clothing and tools

Working methods.

  • General
  • Working in dead installations
  • Working live
  • Working in vicinity of live parts

Maintenance procedures.

  • Exchange Work

Other instructions

  • Electricity hazards, accidents, physiological effects of electricity
  • Measurements

Test based on the SFS 6002 Standard – Electrical safety at work.

After successfully passing the test (online), you will receive a certificate.

Price: 170,00 € (+ 24% VAT, €), total 210,80 €.

The price includes course material, video lectures in your home or office, via data network, and an online practice test.

If you need the SFS 6002 practice book for yourself, then the course price is € 230 + VAT

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This is a training according to the Electrical Safety Standard SFS 6002.

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